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Waterways of Africa

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Part of a set of new series being offered by The Mariners’ Museum and Park this year, the Interpretation Team will explore the waters that surround and are located within the African continent. Come learn about the different waters that have influenced African and world culture, past and present, as we reveal more about our shared maritime heritage.


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The Nile

Presented by Erika Cosme, content and interpretation developer, and Wisteria Perry, manager of interpretation and community outreach
February 27, 20211:00 p.m. (EST) 

In the first of the “Waterways of Africa” series and as part of Black History Month, The Mariners’ Museum takes a look at the world’s longest river, and one of Africa’s most relied upon bodies of water – the Nile River. What makes this river so important?

Often associated with the ancient Egyptians, the Nile has provided and supported life throughout many countries in Africa. It is connected to several other major bodies of water, and has impacted the development of African cultures for thousands of years. Set out with Erika and Wisteria as they present on one of the world’s fascinating wonders that has been a source of life for centuries.

Viewers are welcome to send Erika and Wisteria comments or questions during each presentation, and they will answer following the presentation.

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