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Chesapeake Bay Workboats
The Development of the Deadrise Workboat
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Harvesting the Bounty

Chesapeake Bay Workboats

The difference between Virginia and Maryland workboats lies in the water, the builder, and the personal preference of the owner. Typically, the water is the deciding factor. The Chesapeake Bay north of the Potomac River has more protected waters, with smaller waves and less tidal influence. The southern portion of the Bay, in Virginia waters, is influenced by the ocean current and tide and has higher winds. Each region has developed its own style of workboat. Below are the major differences between Virginia and Maryland workboats.

Boats are wider Boats are narrow
Boats have more freeboard Boats sit low in the water
Boats have more flare Boats are fairly straight sided
Boat's plumb or stem post sticks above the deck Boat's rake or stem post slants forward to the bow
The stern is rounded or diamond shape Sterns are box-like
Cabins are larger for overnight work Because of the narrower sections of the Bay, most watermen go home at night

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