Chesapeake Bay - Glossary
Chesapeake Bay - Our History and Our Future

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Bateaux a kind of boat used to haul small cargoes up and down rivers.
Deficient means short, without, or underprovided.
Economic cornerstones the industries or jobs that provide the majority of revenue for a region, state or nation.
Habitual Pleasure another way of describing the Powhatan Indians'addiction to tobacco.
Hampton Roads created by the meeting of the James River, Nansemond River, and Elizabeth River, this waterway flows into the Chesapeake Bay.
Hogsheads a cask or barrel in which tobacco was shipped overseas.
Impoverished means poor, destitute, or without money.
Lucrative a word meaning profitable or well-paid.
Proximity means closeness or nearness.
Self-Sufficient agriculture the cultivation of crops for use by the growers.
Stygian another word meaning Hell or the Underworld.
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