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We know that annual donations may not always fit nicely into the budget. Don’t let that stop you from having a great impact at The Mariners’ Museum and Park! We invite you to join Mainmast and be a part of the monthly supporters, where small, monthly gifts can help in big ways.

On a ship, the mainmast carries sails, keeps the vessel steady, and gives height for navigation. Like the mainmast on a ship, this group will sustain the Museum throughout the year with constant gifts that will give the ability to plan for the future, so that we can invest confidently in exhibitions, improve adult and student education programs, and continue the Summer Dollar Days program. Being a part of Mainmast is stress-free! Once you determine a gift amount that works for your budget, we will automatically receive your gift every month. This system is easy, secure, and ensures the sustaining support we count on. It allows you to give what works for you with assurance you are making a big impact throughout the year!


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