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Love all things maritime? Hear from select Mariners’ Museum staff and experienced volunteers within our Speakers’ Bureau program as they give presentations on numerous maritime topics (and more) with great energy and importance as a free community service!

Upcoming Lectures:


Pre-Columbian Curiosities: Artisans of the Andes

October 13, 2021 • 1:00 PM (ET)

Presented by Jennifer Hackney, senior material culture educator at The Mariners’ Museum

About the lecture:
Long before Columbus’s initial voyage across the Atlantic, and even before the rise of the Incan civilization, along the coast of Peru existed politically independent groups aligned under the same ideology and artistic iconography. The Moche people of Peru were exquisite artists and architects who, despite not leaving any written records behind, have fascinated archaeologists and art historians for years. Explore the rise and fall of the Moche people as told through artifacts, including some from our own Collection.


Tragedy on the Mississippi

October 27, 2021 • 1:00 PM (ET)

Presenter: Brock Switzer, cultural heritage photographer at The Mariners’ Museum

About the lecture:
April of 1865 stands as one of the most important months in the history of the United States of America. From decisive battles to high profile surrenders that led to the end of the Civil War, assassination attempts to the capture of conspirators and the death of a traitor, it stands as little wonder that the sinking of a Mississippi steamer would pass with little note. That steamer was Sultana and it stands to this day as the single greatest maritime disaster in US history. Come learn about the events that led to the demise of this steamboat, and the reasons it’s rarely mentioned in history books.


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