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Africa’s Kingdoms and Maritime Cultures

Erika Cosme & Wisteria Perry


In a new series for all ages, join members from the Museum’s Interpretation Team as they highlight the ancient kingdoms and maritime cultures that populated the African continent. Hear about the compelling stories of Africa and its people who helped shape the world, and learn more about who they are and the places from which they came.

Upcoming lectures:


February 18, 20211 p.m. (EST)
Presented by Erika Cosme, content and interpretation developer

About the presentation:
Along the Mediterranean coast in North Africa sits the Republic of Tunisia. Although a small country today, Tunisia’s role in maritime history has been significant. Why? Because this area was once home to the great city of Carthage. As a major port, Carthage was at the epicenter for trade and commerce in the ancient world. But like ancient Egypt, the continued influx of European and Eurasian cultures heavily influenced how Tunisia developed within the African continent, and has impacted modern views in the African and Black communities in the country. This presentation will introduce the history of Tunisia through Carthage’s influence and development, and discuss the connection between the country’s past and present.

The Swahili Coast

February 23, 20211:00 p.m. (EST)
Presented by Wisteria Perry, manager of interpretation and community outreach

About the presentation:
Stretching 1,800 miles down the eastern coast and with its indigenous African, Middle Eastern and Asian influences, the Swahili coast has been a place of historical, cultural, economic, and political interactions and exchanges for thousands of years.

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